FrojoDesigns Dinosaur Birthday Card

Birthday cards, something we all buy at least a few of every year. Theres always that awkward moment when your with the person and you notice they already have one (if not two or three) of the same card your about to hand over to them. Just me that finds that awkward? Okay then. 
No one seems to spend much time thinking about the cards, I personally, like to keep some of the birthday cards I get each year so I usually buy birthday cards that are maybe slightly more expensive or are not from the big chain supermarkets - since most people spend very little on cards and grab them from ASDA or where ever as they drive past.
This year, I decided I would go down a different avenue for my friends birthday. I noticed Josie from Josie's Journal had an Esty site where she sold cards - so y'know I took a look. I fell in love with all the designs she had, they are all so cute and quirky! They are completely different from anything you would find in a shop and they look (and are) very well made. Josie is seriously talented, I tried my hand at card making last year and well lets just say it didn't end well, they looked awful. So I have a serious amount of admiration for Josie and her mad skillz. Anyhoo, the card I picked from her Esty page (which is here) is this really cute dinosaur card, I think my friend will appreciate it - I mean I do, so I'm sure she will. This card is probably more for like 5 year olds but 19 year olds are basically just big kids. 
Josie's designs are really affordable, with cards ranging from £1.50 to £3.50 with I think free delivery. So you basically pay the same price for a rubbish card from the supermarkets - I know that I'd rather pay for Josie's cards than a buy an alright/ nothing special one from the shops. 

Anyway... I just wanted to share Josie's page with you, because her cards are so lovely and completely worth every penny paid. 


  1. These are so GORGEOUS and CUTE I love it xxx

    1. Josie is so lovely and her cards are just so cute :) I'll definitely be using her again xx

  2. Thank you SO much for this lovely post Sarah, totally made my day! I'm so pleased you like it, when I send an order I'm always so scared the buyer won't like it for some reason so this has really made me smile. Thank you doll! <3 x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. Your completely welcome Josie! I loved the card and so did my friend :) xx


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