Healthy Yummy and Delicious Smoothie

I love smoothies, but when you buy them in the cartons from the supermarket you can guess that they probably aren't that healthy - most are filled with sugar and such like. Recently though I've been making my own smoothies after getting a really yummy recipe for them. You only need 3 really easy to get ingredients and less than five minutes later you've got a delicious and filling smoothie. 
I tend to make these and have them in the morning, its a really filling breakfast and obviously really healthy. The way that I make it, usually makes about 3 big cupfuls - yummy yummy in my tummy. 
So first up, your going to want to gather the ingredients. You'll need berries - I chose frozen ones as it worked out cheaper, milk and yoghurt - I picked the alpro versions as I'm trying to eat less dairy. If you want to - I do add this to all mine - then you could add some protein powder, but this is completely optional. You'll also need some kind of blender to mix everything up. 
I usually start with the fruit, and I add 1 cup of the frozen berries into my blender. The berries I used here have Blackberries, Rasperries, Strawberries, Cranberries and Blueberries. Very berry indeed. 
Next, you'll add a cup of milk. Put any type of milk you want in. I put almond milk in mine, I think next time I'll try Hazelnut milk or soya milk. 
Then to make it really thick and creamy, you add a cup of yoghurt. I would maybe suggest not using regular yoghurt and maybe go for Greek as it would be a lot thicker, but like I said I'm avoiding dairy atm so I went for the Alpro natural one - it is pretty thick so it does a good job for the smoothie. 

And tah-dah! You have yourself a nice big batch of smoothie. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of this once it was done, mind fart I guess. 

Do you have any smoothie recipes you just love? 


  1. YUMMY this looks amazing- I always use lacto free milk xxx

    1. I've only recently started using alpro and such like - I much prefer it. Although I do love Cravendale :) xx


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