Hello Mouthwash Pink Grapefruit Mint | Review

It was one of those days, went into Boots for one thing but managed to come out with things I hadn't even thought of. I have no idea what possessed me to buy a mouthwash, I think it was maybe that they were new, or maybe that they were on offer or was it maybe the cute packaging? 
From what I've read online, Hello is an American brand and they do a variety of different oral hygiene products. The only part of their range that is available here (so far) is the mouthwash. I do hope the rest of it comes over soon, cause I'm fairly chuffed with this so far! 
There are 2 other flavours available, Spearmint and Mojito Mint. I picked this one because it was different from the usual flavours - like the Spearmint one - but it wasn't too crazy sounding - like the Mojito Mint one. I personally really like the smell and taste of this, but my mum and my brother really dislike it. More mouthwash for me then! I think it basically just smells like a slightly fresh and fruity mint. Taste wise, I don't think its all that strong when your actually using it - I tend to notice the taste so much more when I've finished rinsing. It just leaves you feeling really clean and fresh! I have noticed that your able to taste this hours after using this, sometimes I can wake up and still have a slight taste of this - perfect for sorting out bad morning breath, y'know if you suffer from that. I know I do...
The mouthwash is 99% with no alcohol, dyes and no ouch. I'm guessing by no Ouch it means that your mouth won't sting, probably because there are no alcohols in them. The packaging is bright and eye catching, each flavour is a different colour, but I really like the colour of this one - the bold pink with the contrasting white, it looks super cute. I have found that the lid isn't very tight and it can leak a wee bit - so make sure you keep it upright at all times. 
It's currently available to buy from Boots for £2.99, full price it will be £5.99 - maybe a bit steep so lets stock up while its cheap. 
Update: After scheduling this post my puppy knocked this bottle over and the lid popped off. This unfortunately meant that most of the almost 500ml bottle spilt all over my carpet. I think I maybe have a week or two left in it - sigh. I really do like this, but I definitely couldn't justify spending £5.99 on this for it to potentially get spilt, my room absolutely stinks of the stuff now - I liked the smell but when its seeped into the carpet its not that great... The lovely people from Hello kindly sent me some products out to makeup for the one that burst, A++ for their customer service. 

Have you tried anything from this line?


  1. It sounds amazing! I have to pick it up from Boots asap.

    1. I really like it, my brother has even come around and likes it now :) I really hope they release more products as they do sell a lot more than the few boots has atm. xx


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