Mini Boots Haul

This is basically the first proper couple of things I've bought for ages from Boots. The foundation is actually my mums but it seems really cool so I thought I would mention it - since I plan on reviewing it soon. 
Champneys Foot Butter. My feet are horrendous, so dry and hard and just genuinely not in great shape. I bought this - amazingly scented butter - in hope that it would soften my feet up a bit. The peppermint smell is lovely and I'm really looking forward to  applying this and seeing if it does a good job. I think this was £8, more than I would usually pay for something like this but it smelt too good to resist. 
If I'm being completely honest I don't know why I bought this - its basically the same price as the Liz Earle one and I've never seen this reviewed before - so y'know I thought I would give it a try. At £10.50 I expect good things.
This looks really cool, I applied a little bit on my mums face and it blended in really well. I'll be interested to see if it looks just as good on my mums darker and more yellow toned skin as it does on my pale pink toned skin. I'll keep you posted, for £15.99 this better be amazing!

Have you tried any of these, let me know what you thought of them if you have. 


  1. Enjoyed reading things! Love peeking into blogger 'hauls' :-)


  2. I love NO7 products. This foundation sounds great.


    1. its quite odd - it looks good on both me and my mum and we have really different skin tones x


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