Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint

Today I thought I would do a review on one of the items I received in a swap that I did recently. One of my absolute most used products that Rena sent me is the Pacifica Color Quench All Natural Lip Tint. I think, the scent/ colour of it is Guava Berry - I could be wrong though so don't quote me. 
First of all the packaging of this is really pretty, at least I think it is, although slightly unnecessary. The lip tint itself came inside a plastic tube, that's the slightly unnecessary part. The tube is wrapped in a lovely wrapper of purple, pink, gold and whites - with of course the branding written in gold and pink. On the tube it says, big hydration, sheer color with coconut oil and cocoa butter. I have to agree, it is really big on the hydration front - my lips feel seriously moisturised for ages after I apply this.  
Colour wise its nothing spectacular, but it is stated as being a sheer colour, by description I would say its a deep pink with a little shimmer running through it. Did I mention how soft it makes your lips feel? 
It also smells phenomenal! When you apply this you can actually smell it for awhile after. I keep getting little wiffs of it. Mmmmmm.  It smells very sweet, I'm not sure what it smells of other than it just being really sweet. This comes basically everywhere with me now - I have insanely dry lips so its always good to have a good lip balm on me.  
Apologies to all us British folk, you might find it near impossible to get your hands on one of these. Sorry - it ws just too lovely not to review. 

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