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I literally love everything about this product, from the way it looks to how it makes my hair feel. Aussie products are something that I've really never dived into, but I really want to try more from them now - this dry shampoo has seriously impressed me. I bought two of these, different types though, this one for coloured hair and one for oily hair. They probably do the same thing, but y'know with my hair being a dyed dark brown I went a bit mental for coloured hair products. I love the packaging though, its plain but it just works. I love the sort of sarcastic saying and such like on the can, sarcasm makes me happy. "For coloured hair, funnily enough"
Another little sarcastic thing on the can, "Shake before use (it, not you)." I LOVE SARCASM! 
Sarcasm aside, this is a phenomenal dry shampoo. A billion times better than Batiste. I'd found recently that Batiste made my hair feel a bit like it had a layer on it, kind of making it feel more dirty than it was to start with... 
I find that this dry shampoo is just perfect in so many ways: it smells lovely; doesn't leave your hair looking white; cleans hair up a bit; and finally gives a good wee bit of volume. Everything and more that you could ever ask from it. Give the can a good shake before you use it to make sure that absolutely no white residue comes out, even if a little bit does come out then its easy enough to get rid of - quick massage and a brush and its gone. I find when I use this, my crazy oily hair can go from needing washed everyday to being able to have day 3 hair. Pretty impressive if you ask me. It just soaks up all the oil and makes my hair look less greasy. Love love love love love love love (should I add more loves?) this dry shampoo. Its £4.99, but its 1/3 off currently in Boots. So stock up while you can!! I know I'll be going back for a few more cans before the deal ends. 

What dry shampoos do you love? 


  1. I NEED to try this, I am obsessed with aussie and dry shamppo but haven't tried this xxx

  2. I have been looking for a good dry shampoo for a while now and I've thought of buying Batista dry shampoo. But your post made thinking about buying this instead (I also love sarcastic notes, so this is perfect).


  3. I'm obsessed with dry shampoo, this sounds fab! x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. I didn't know this existed!!! Want!


  5. I'm loyal to Batiste but it may be time to try a new one! Great review x
    Beauty for the Beauty


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