DHC Cleansing Oil | Review

If you know me, then you'll know I have stupidly oily skin - and if I'm being honest the last thing I ever thought I'd use on my face was an oil. Well now I've got an oil for my face and I adore it! When I saw adore, I really do mean adore. I got this in a beauty box recently, its 30ml and I've been using it everyday morning and night for like a month. I would say I definitely have about half of it left, so it really does last an age!
I use a decent amount, about 6 drops from this is usually enough for my face. I just massage it all over my skin, and if I'm wearing make-up then this is the absolute best way to cleanse your face. It melts everything off - I had the new Benefit liner on last week and this made easy work of it! 
Its not broke me out, and I'm pretty sure it helps my oiliness - in that I'm less oily now I think. 
My skin feels really soft after using this, and definitely not oily! I have slightly dehydrated skin so I think this has helped even that out a bit. Apply this to dry hands and face and massage in for about a minute - you'll be amazed with the results! Scent wise, its nothing overpowering but I do like it. Just kind of a pleasant smell - I really can't describe it any other way than pleasant... 

If you're in the market for a new cleansing oil, then I highly recommend that you try this one out! I'm completely in love and will definitely pick up another bottle.

You can buy the mini for £4.50 or the full 200ml bottle for £21.50.