Not Another Boots Haul

I keep telling myself I'm not going to spend anymore money, and almost as soon as the thought has occurred it seems to get chucked out my brain by the compulsive shopper in me. I'm telling myself this was an okay shop as I'm pretty sure the whole thing came to less than £8 due to most of it being clearance. Does the items being reduced mean theres something wrong with them? 
I've been meaning to try the Naked shampoo range for ages - I first noticed them when I was working in Boots back in October, they were a talking point for a few other people that worked there. None of us had tried them but all of us agreed that we wanted to. I'm not sure how much these are full price but I bought this one for £1.50, I mean how could I turn my nose up at that? This is the Naked Detox Peppermint and Sorrel Leaf 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner. It smells fairly nice, I don't smell much of the peppermint - I get more of a herbally grassy kind of smell. I don't think this will get used everyday, maybe once or twice a week as it is basically just a cleansing shampoo to get rid of build up. Its free from Sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals. So yeah, its good for your hair...
I think this was also £1.50, I'm such an impulse buyer. I think I only really bought this because I was of the impression that John Frieda is quite expensive. Just me trying to justify being a spendaholic. This is the Strength and Restore Shampoo, it claims to give your hair strength without weighing it down. Loads of shampoos seem to have on them now something along the lines of "doesn't weigh hair down". This is for breakage prone hair, this is something I definitely have. I have stupidly oily roots with really really dry split ends. When my hairs at its worst I can tug at the ends and the hair just snaps off. Joy. Maybe this will strengthen my hair - even if its just a wee bit. Its safe for coloured hair so I'll be safe with this then. 
 I love Boots Botanics range, I've tried a few parts from them and I'd been meaning to get a moisturiser from their range for awhile. And now I have one! And I only shelled out £1.75 for it! Bargain, yaaaaas! I'll be interested to see how long this controls my shine for - my Origins one doesn't give much shine control, which is a shame as its so lovely.  
I think I only bought this because it was on a deal and I had a triple points voucher. Actually, no, I'm 100% certain thats the only reason why I bought it. I don't need another mascara, this will most possibly just sit in a drawer until I eventually get to it, I've got more than 10 mascaras - and theres no need for that. 

Fingers crossed there wont be another haul of any kind for a little while, I'm jobless and fast becoming penniless. 

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  1. You can never have too many boots hauls I love the look of the detox shampoo and conditioner xx


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