OOTD | Red Jumpers and Black Vans

I'm getting into the swing of things with outfit posts, I've kind of stepped up my game when it comes to what I wear. I'm tending to not wear jeans as often, the skirts I own were being a little neglected. 
Anyhoo, today it wasn't overly hot but it was a dry day so I thought I'd wear a skirt (and tights y'know it is still a little bit cold). I'm not really sure how to describe this outfit, maybe girly grunge...? Emmmm, who knows. Anyway, my top is from Asos, I got it in the sale for about £8 or there abouts - my brother laughed at me cause Obey is a skater brand or something. I'm digressing... It has quite low arm holes, so I tend to always wear a jumper with it. The jumper I'm wearing - my absolute favourite jumper fyi, its like my safety blanket - is from Urban Outfitters, I got it years ago for Christmas, I think it was from their renewal range. Its seen better days though as it now has a few holes in it but I've never loved a jumper more and I can't bring myself to throw it out! The skirt is also from Urban Outfitters, I got it in the Christmas sales, I think it was around £18. I've got this skirt in a different colour but that one doesn't fit the same, its a really nice fit this one though. It zips all the way up and has an elastic bit on the back of it, just to give a bit extra room in it. My shoes are Vans, they are the suede ones, and I again got these in the sales. The watch I have is a Casio one, I got it for my birthday and I really love it. 
I thought I would quickly mention what my lip colour is, its new and I love it. It's one of the new Melted lipsticks from Too Faced, this is the shade Rudy (I think) and its quite a pink toned red. 


  1. Lovely outfit! Love the oversized cardigan :)


  2. I love the oversized cardi and colour, I used to have a similar one and its so lovely xxx

  3. That cardigan is so cute, I think red really suits you! x

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