Sanctuary Spa Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser | Review

 I've been using this for a good few months now, so I think I have more than just a pretty good idea on how it worked for me. I use a lot of products on my face, so I'm able to tell pretty quickly which ones I like that little bit more than the rest. This is one of those products I just like that little bit more than the rest. The Sanctuary Spa Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser is such a lovely product - its so creamy and leaves your skin just feeling so soft and smooth.
It product itself is very thick and creamy, you only need a small amount - about a walnut size? - and that does your whole face. I use it as a second cleanse, for once I've removed my make-up.  
You get 125ml of product for £10.50 and you get quite a decent muslin cloth. It is a very thick and creamy product and because of this I find you really do have to massage it into the skin - but I quite like that as its like your giving yourself a mini facial. I've been using this for maybe about a month, its not yet broken me out - so I don't think it ever will. I've not tried many Hot Cloth Cleansers but I really do like this one. 
This cleanser isn't great as a make-up remover - it just can't get rid of eye make-up. So I always use this as a second cleanse. I really love the scent of this, but for the life of me I can't put my finger on what the smell actually is... Me being great with smells - as per. 
I'm hoping to try more hot cloth cleansers, but I definitely think I'll be repurchasing this in the future.