Too Faced Melted Lipstick | Melted Ruby Review

 Every time I saw these online I wanted to buy one, but I kept holding off, because firstly £19 is a lot for a lip product and secondly I hadn't seen any reviews. Then Michelle from Thou Shalt Not Covet posted a fair few reviews on the Too Faced Melted lipsticks, and I was instantly in love. I didn't actually make a purchase though until "National Lipstick Day", cause y'know Debenhams had £5 off any lipstick. Any excuse really to buy a new lippy. Did I really need another red, probably not but I now don't think this is like the other reds I own, lets talk about why shall we? 
So first of all, I don't have a lipstick that is housed the same way as this. Also I don't think anything in my collection is a similar formula - yes there are the Rimmel Apocalips, but they don't feel the same and they certainly don't apply as easily as the Melted lipsticks. I initally thought the colour would be similar to the colour of packaging, a nice pillar box red. Its not, but I quite like that its not. The colours different for me.
I think this is most definitely more of a pink toned red, and I think it does look a bit more pink toned on the lips. I really don't think the pictures do it justice, but I really do like the way it looks on. They do last a fair while, just like with most products the colour began to fade after awhile but it just went to lots of different pink shades - really purdy. I don't notice it clinging to the dry patches on my lips and transfer to cups and such like is totally minimal. 
My puppy does not look impressed, she had just had a hair cut ( I lol'd at her when I saw her all short) and I think she was a wee bit grumpy and tired. 

What do you think of these lipstick/stains? 

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