University | My First Year Experience #1

So as I type, I'm actually uncertain on wither or not I'll be able to go into second year. I failed a couple of my exams, I was so annoyed at myself since I only missed passing by 4 marks for each of them. More on that later. So I think I'll split these up into a few different posts? Sounds good I think.
Maybe talk about first day nerves? Things you'll maybe need? Things to wear, since y'know its not like school where you had a uniform. Meeting people and such like.

So at 3am last year I found out that I met my conditions and got 2B's and a C. I'd genuinely never been happier and prouder of myself in my entire life. As the 16th of September got closer though I started to worry, as I knew no one and I'm not the best at meeting people. Luckily there are a few ways to find people on your course. I found a good few, I met all my uni friends through a facebook page and a different freshers page. Two of the people I was good friends with knew people I knew, one boy's mum worked with my mum and one of my best friends went to Primary with Jennifer - the girl I'm probably closest with in University. First thing I would say to you, is really don't be scared to add and talk to everyone you find thats on your course! You're not being weird - I think they'll appreciate it. Everyone is in the same boat as you and I guarantee that they are just as nervous at starting as you are. 

So check for facebook pages for your unis freshers, I think mine was called something like Glasgow Caledonian Freshers 14 or something like that... Another site you could use is Freshers, if you sign up with that you can find other people on your course. OH! And theres also Unii.com, that matches you up with firstly people in your uni, always nice to know more than just people on your course, and you also find people on your course and can chat to them online. 

My university held a few freshers events, and I met a few people from my course in person by going to that. It was a BBQ, but indoors cause it was pouring down. Typical Scottish weather. 

I'm sure most university's have induction weeks, and most (mine didn't) have lots of fresher nights out in their unions. I can't stress enough how much I think you should go to these! I missed out and didn't do much during freshers week - I missed out big time actually for my whole first year. I'm going to put myself out there so much if I get back into second year. 
I would say the induction week is a must do, mine was so boring and most of it was just them talking about the same thing over and over again. 

University is such a different experience to high school, everyone is so much more mature. And the whole environment is just so different! Bag wise, your really going to want to get something really really practical - it needs to be sturdy as most days you'll probably be lugging around note books, textbooks and various other things (lab coats, purses ect). The textbooks you need to buy depends on your course, I only needed two this year. But both books were insanely heavy and took up so much room in my bag. I opted for a backpack - I got mine from Urban Outfitters. 

Stationary wise, you absolutely will need pens, pencils, notepads, calculator (depending on your course) and other bits and bobs. I also got myself a organiser, a lot of my stationary came from Wilko and Paperchase. They have really lovely things and they are (at least Wilko is) fairly affordable. I went all out and got myself several notebooks, organiser, pens, pencils and of course a pencil case. I didn't notice anyone else using pencil cases, but lets face it - its practical to have one. 

The last thing I'll talk about is what to wear, and the answer to that is really what ever you want! I always tend to go for something really comfy and casual, Joni Jeans are good but sometimes a high waisted jean isn't the comfiest when you've been sat in a lecture hall for 2 hours. I really like the Topshop Treggings for lectures, they're comfy and look fairly fashionable. Having a jumper with you is usually a good idea though, as lecture halls are really cold - even more so in the winter months! 

The next post I write, will be maybe about the classes and exams and such like. Next time I post this - I should know if I'm a second year student or not.