Whoops I Seem To Have Another Haul...

So y'know when I said I wasn't going to spend as much? Well that lasted all of about 3 days before I actually purchased something a whole bundle of things. I was in town with my brother earlier on this week and I basically spent a whole bundle that I didn't need to. 
 The first things I got were from Boots, I've been meaning to get these Revlon shadows for ages, I thought they connected into squares and such like but it looks like they will only connect in a line... Anyhoo, they were on buy one get one half price and I had a points booster (which didn't even work...) so yeah, I got 4. The colours I got are Gunmetal, Cocoa, Taupe and Plum - Plum is my favourite so far. 
 I also got myself, what I think are a couple of new releases from Indeed Labs. The new Hydraluron Moisture Jelly has been on my radar for a little while, I had a £5 off voucher that worked with the deal they already had and I had a 300 extra points voucher. Points make free things! The Exfoliator looks to be very similar to the Dermalogia one - you know that powder one? It looks like it could be quite good and I hope it is nice to my skin. 
So I got my face done by a girl at Benefit, and she showed me this, a highlighter and the new eye liner. Since I'd been wanting this for awhile I thought I'd buy this with my points - also Laura from A Scottish Lass showed it in a haul and instantly made me want to go out and buy it. I did kinda like the liner, but I didn't notice it set properly and one of the eyes didn't look overly great, sigh. 
 Next place I went to was the good and brilliant TK Maxx. They had more than a few products that I wanted to buy and I had to actually restrain myself from going completely overboard. They had an Elemis eye cream but I decided to just go for the Dreamy Sleep Night Time Moisturiser. I really like the smell of this, it smells kind of like Lavender - good I suppose for helping you fall asleep. I've never had a night time moisturiser but I've wanted to expand my regime for awhile now and this seemed like a good way to start, especially as it was reasonably affordable at only £9.99. I went a bit moisturiser mad, and bought this Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser. Not sure why I bought this - just one of them impulse buys, but it was a cheap impulse at £3.99. 
 I'm not sure if I've mentioned, but I love my Stylfile. £4.99 though for one nail file seems a bit steep for me. My brother found this though, it was £5.99 but you get the nail file, a travel one and the buffer (I think it kind of like a 4 way styler). I'm really happy with this - its a complete bargain. Barielle Essentials Base Coat, another thing my brother found me. Bless his wee soul. My nails are so so so brittle and I basically bought this just to try strengthen them and help them grow a wee bit. For £2.99 I couldn't really turn my nose up at it. 
Dr Bronner's Magic Soap
My brother totally understood why I bought this, my mum not so much. Okay, right so I bought this to use when washing my make-up brushes. I'd heard it was really good for cleaning brushes, so yaaah. It smells really nice, they had a citrus one in as well but I opted for the Dr Bronner's Magic Soap 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint version. It just smells so good! It was £3.99 so pretty cheap I think. 

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