A Few New Products

So the other week was my birthday and since it was I decided to treat myself to a couple of pretty nice little items. Benefit and Hourglass came home with me that day and my bank left feeling a little lighter than before. 
First up is the Benefit Brow Zing's, I had basically just had my brows waxed right before buying this. They applied it to my brows, and I fell in love. Originally I bought medium but it looked a little light so swapped it for dark. It makes your brows look so good, defines them without making them look overly false. Wax, powder, two brushes and little tweezers, perfect for if you travel.Thumbs up from me. 
Next up is the redonkydonk Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. It is maybe the most beautiful item I own, but it is also one of the most expensive in my collection. I bought this after being certain I had failed my exams - thankfully I've passed, so its all good! I bought Luminous Flush after the lady in store applied it to me - it just looks so damn pretty! 

Another short post, so sorry but I've just been so busy recently.