Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel | Review

Recently I've been getting a lot of spots, I'm kind of a spotty git. Recently I've been getting a lot of spots, mostly round my mouth - really really painful ones. They hurt like a mother! 
I bought this about a month ago, when my spottiness was at its absolute worst. After using this twice daily for about a month my skin is in much better condition. I was told you could use this as an on the spot treatment or all over the face. Because I've been so spotty I've been leaning towards the latter. My skin is stupidly oil, and really fairly spotty. 
The Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel ( what a mouthful) is allergy tested and fragrance free, so in theory if your skin is sensitive then you should be fine with this. It comes in two sizes, 15ml £14 and 30ml thats £20. Personally I think you're better off paying a bit more for the bigger size as it works out cheaper in the long run...
When you apply it, it can sometimes feel a wee bit stingy, but it goes away so quickly. I sometimes find as well that it makes my eyes a wee bit watery... When you apply it, your skin feels really silky, silky but a little tight (if you apply it all over). The gel dries in sooo quickly, so theres barely any waiting around. 
Its not going to magic away any spots - but really what product would? I really love this though, it helps to reduce the redness around the spot and helps to move the spot along - meaning its sore for less amount of time. 
If you're looking for a spot gel and are willing to invest in one, then I'd highly recommend you try this one. Two thumbs up from me!