Juice Cube | Every IPhone Owners Best Friend

I've kind of noticed recently that most of the posts have been skincare things, so I thought I'd switch it up a bit! So Juice Cube, anyone that has an Iphone knows how awful the battery life is. I'd been meaning to buy some kind of portable charger for ages, and only got around to it one day because - surprise surprise - my phone died on me. That's always what your wanting.  
I bought the Juice Cube simply out of convenience. It was about £25, and is compatible with most devices. Not the Iphone 5 though. For whatever reason they've not made a bit for that - I take my usual cable with me as that does the job. 
I really like my little pink charge - it can get me from 3% to about 80% if it has a full charge, you can tell how full the charge is by the blue lights. Handy. 
Sorry this post is quite short, but I don't really know what else I can say. Apart from that this comes everywhere with me.