A Small Boots Haul

Being back at university means one thing, I spend a stupid amount of time in Boots. I've been into Boots 3 separate times in the last 2 days. Yes I went in twice in the same day...
So the story behind buying this, is basically because I couldn't be bothered going back to the salon and paying £20 or so to get a tidy up. In hind sight paying £9+ on this wasn't worth it. It took so long to use, I used so much of it and it hurt so so so much! I think I'll just stick to letting a beautician do it for me.
My DHC cleansing oil had almost run out when I decided to buy this. I think this was about £10, it looks pretty good and there is lots there. Here's hoping my skin doesn't freak out when I use it!
 Complete impulse buy, but at a pound I was hard pushed to say no. The black seaweed one looks like it might be good for unblocking pores - heres hoping. 
I saw the invisibobble's online ages ago and had wanted to get one for ages, they were just under £4 for 3 bobbles and I'm hoping they work a treat. I was a little surprised at how small they are, not sure why but the pictures of them just make them look soooo much bigger. Just me and my weirdness I guess.