Hello Natural Friendly | Mouth care products

After trying and loving the Pink Grapefruit mouthwash, I'd been wanting to try more from Hello. They are an American brand that make the loveliest oral care products that I've tried. They first launched the mouthwashes and the breath sprays, and I believe that soon they'll be launching their toothpastes. The lovely people at Hello, kindly sent me a few products to review for them. I was really excited to try these, and let me tell you they don't disappoint! 
In the UK, they currently have three different flavours of the mouthwashes and breath sprays: Mojito Mint; Pink Grapefruit Mint and Spearmint. I've tried both the Spearmint and Pink Grapefruit Mint mouthwashes, with the Pink Grapefruit one being my favourite. The Mojito Mint Mouthwash* was the only one they sell in the UK that I hadn't tried and I was definitely excited to try this. I actually really liked this one, it might even rival my love for the Pink Grapefruit one. I can't really describe the taste of this, its just really fresh. Smells lovely, tastes lovely, is just lovely. 
I'm not 100% sure why I have so many pictures for the breath sprays... But I really really like these! They are so handy to have in your bags, and are more convenient than chewing gum. They sent me two of the breathsprays, Pink Grapefruit Mint* and Spearmint*. I already favour the Pink Grapefruit Mint one, it just tastes really really good, I don't quite know why I prefer it but it is so so so good. I think I like it because its a bit different to the usual minty ones. They are quite dinky, so are perfect for taking with you when you go out. They are really really cute as well, the pink and white (or blue and white, or green and white) packaging is really quirky, and if you've noticed the "e" is like a little smile. Happy products for happy mouths. My mum prefers the Spearmint one so she's stolen that one away from me. The mouthwashes are really just cute bottles of happiness. 
The mouth washes are available from Boots for £5.99 (2 for £8 at the moment though) and £3.99 for the breath sprays.