Nails Inc Micropedi | Review

The other day I went into Boots and picked up their star gift - its that time of year again folks! The star gift was the Nails inc Micropedi set, it was originally meant to be something like £79.99 and was on deal for £29.99. How could I say no? It came with 3 nail polishes worth £33 on their own, and obviously the foot buffer. 
I wanted to try get this post up before the offer ended, but I was just too busy to write up a post before the deal ended. So sorry about that, but keep a look out on Boots for the new deals they have every week!
I've used this a few times since I got it and I'm actually really impressed with it, its sort of gross though watching the flakes of skin fall away. Ew. But despite that, it really does work! Your feet are left feeling softer and smoother than before. It takes next to no effort to use and takes no time to get soft toes. 
The nail polishes are really pretty as well, there's a really pretty gold that would be so perfect for Christmas, a red that I'm pretty sure I already have but its my favourite colour and a pink - this I'm not so fond of but it is pretty none the less. 

I'm so glad I picked this up, it was a total bargain and works a treat.