A Massive Amount of Empty Products

Since its been an absolute age since I actually made a video or typed up a blog post I've accumulated a stupid amount of empty products. Daisy, my puppy for those of you who don't know, has really enjoyed running around with all the plastic packaging. She has a real thing for plastic stuff, and shoes - the more expensive the better apparently...
I'm sorry if the pictures are a wee bit rubbish, I took them fairly late at night. But I think messing around with the settings made them come out okay, what do you think?

First things to mention are all bath type products. The Body Shops Honeymania bath melt, is absolutely lovely. It gives really nice silky soft bubbles that smell beautiful. If your not an overly huge fan of honey scents I would still recommend giving it a smell - my mum hates honey scents but really liked this one. Another Body Shop product is their limited edition blueberry body scrub. It looked and smelled like jam, the scrub was really good considering it wasn't overly harsh feeling on the skin. And of course it left your skin smelling divine. Another Body Scrub by Soap and Glory this time, this is ( possibly was...) my favourite scrub ever. Its the old design - maybe the formula is different now too - but I love it, it just leaves your skin feeling so so soft and nourished, I'm all for something that scrubs and moisturises in one step. I finished, after the longest time of owning, the Sweetie Pie shower Jelly. I don't know why it took me so long to get through this - I adore Whoosh - I think it might have just been how sweet it smelled or that its a little glittery? Who knows, but it basically just smells like jelly beans but only about 1000 times stronger in scent. Bath and Body Works, oh how I wish you would come to the UK. I did have two products finished from them but I think my mum threw out the other bottle. This mini sized bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom smells absolutely heavenly, I don't think I'd ever smelt something even remotely similar. The other one I had was one of their aromatherapies bath foam and body washes. It was in the scent Sensual and boy oh boy did it smell good. I need more of it like... I cant think of anything that doesn't seem slightly insulting or rude, hmm. But I really want more of it, its just so good and for $13, which is approx. £8 its not that bad. Yes its maybe a tiny bit more expensive than the average shower gel but its more of a luxurious product, like Soap and Glory and Champeneys would be. 
Hair care now, and I've not used that much in the grand scheme of things. I've gone through another bottle of the 10 Wishes Marrakesh Oil, and I'm very close to finishing off my current bottle. I get this from my hair dresser as it acts as a heat protection and a detangler. The Umberto Giannini hair mask is something I actually finishes months ago and I'm only certain it made my hair feel soft, sorry I can't say much about it. I'm just a bit forgetful sometimes all the time. Since going from natural to red to brown hair I've been using products from my colour so thats why theres a nice empty bottle of the John Frieda Brunette shampoo. I've repurchased this in the big massive salon bottle as it worked out to be better value, I do find that it does help my colour last that bit longer - which is always a plus when getting it coloured is so expensive to start with. Two empty cans of the amazing Aussie dry shampoos. Best dry shampoo I've ever tried. Period. There's no competition with it, I'm still to try more but from the ones I've used this comes out on top. 
Skin care time, I' actually quite surprised at how much skin care stuff I've been using recently. The DHC Cleansing Oil is an absolute love of mine, I've yet to repurchase this exact one but I have bought a few other brands recently. The Philosophy Microdelivery exfoliating face wash is something I bought last year, and I've really enjoyed using it. IT may be a little on the pricey side but I'd been using it 3 times a week for a whole year and that's it only just being used up now, so it really is well worth the money. The Sanctuary Spa Hot Cloth Cleanser isn't something I've had for long, a couple of months maybe. And since it is about a tenner, its a little on the expensive side. I did really enjoy using it but I think next time I might just try the Liz Earle one. The Ren Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser is such a lovely product to use, your skin feels so clean after you use it, but not tight! I'll definitely be buying this again soon. Can you tell I wanted to get absolutely wanted to get all of the Origins Checks and Balances Cleanser out? I mean look at it! I cut the top off, sign of a good cleanser - looks like it. 
Final thing, is the Hello Mouthwash. I love all the products Hello sell, their mouthwashes all taste lovely and give you a really fresh feeling mouth. I'm currently using the Mojito mint one and I have to say I think it might be my favourite one. 

What have you been using recently?