Eye Brow Routine

It feels like the longest time since I wrote a blog post... So apologises for that, life just took over and if I'm being 100% honest I wasn't really feeling my blog. I'm not 100% sure I'll post this till I have a fair few scheduled posts, just so if life gets in the way again I'll have something to fall back on. 
My brow routine is something that I've only recently got into a habit of. My brows don't take much work, and I don't put an awful lot of time into them. 
Both of the products I use on my eyebrows are from Benefit, I've kind of fallen in love with them as a brand recently - Fine One One, their new liner, so many loves. Gimmie Brow and Brow Zings are my two go to products for well defined brows, I'm already blessed with fairly dark and thick brows, so my main goal when taking care of them is basically just to define them and fill in any sparse bits. This routine does that and then some. 
Gimmie Brow is the first step, after I've plucked away a few lot of stray hairs. I don't know what it is about this that I love, but a quick swipe of this and my brows look thicker and less sparse. If your looking for a quick fix and something to just hold your brows in place a wee bit then this is what your after. 
Next up, is the more complex part, although its not really all that complex - just in comparison to Gimmie Brow it is... Brow Zings is a wax/ powder duo that comes with two little brushes and a mini pair of tweezers. Perfect if you do your make-up on the go or travel a fair bit. One swipe in the wax and one in the powder, frame the brows and then fill in. I tend to go in a couple of times, just so I've given them a good filling in. 
I don't do this to my brows everyday, cause if I'm being honest I very rarely wear make-up now, I'd say I wear make-up less than 10 days a month... The two pictures I put at the start of the post are ones with my full brows done.