Christmas Gift Guide

If you're still looking for some last minute presents, heres a few that might interest you - as they fit practically any and all girls.
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Okay, so for me a huge love at Christmas is getting a new heatable teddy. I'm due a new one, and this Unicorn one from topshop is just super cute - they do sell other ones that are just as cute, like a super cool dinosaur one!! 
Pyjamas are also just something everyone loves getting at Christmas, I love the look of the penguin ones from topshop and the night top from ASOS. I love penguins so that explains my love for the topshop ones and I like alcohol, so yeah... "boozy brunches" 
Jewellery is always something thats lovely to get as a present, and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg! This super pretty one from Topshop costs a mere £4! For something so pretty you'd never expect it to cost that little! The other necklace I've picked out is from ASOS, its much more a statement option, but just look at how beautiful it is! ITs slightly more expensive, but at £22 its still more than affordable!
Christmas candles not only smell lovely but they make you feel in the mood for Christmas! Not that I need much convincing to be in the mood for Christmas. 
Slippers, go hand in hand with the pj's. Duvet Ducks are my fave slippers, I've had two pairs and I'd never go with out them - they keep your feet feeling so toasty! 

What are you hoping for this year?