Christmas Wish List

I much prefer giving presents to people than telling people what I want. It's how I've always been. Always have always will be. But I know a few of my family members and friends occasionally check my blog for ideas ( hi Craig) - so viola. 
I've wanted a polaroid camera for the longest time - my local charity shop used to have one (they still might), I just love the idea of taking pictures and see them develop before my eyes. 
My mum keeps threatening to chop up and chuck out my red cardigan so I'd love a new one.  I cant seem to find one like it which is annoying, despite there being loads of pictures of them online... 
The Chloe perfume smells like heaven, end of story. My dear mother is getting me a pandora bracelet, so it would be nice to have a few pretty charms on the bracelet. 
To keep me warm in the winter, I love nothing more than those heatable teddies. I got one a few years ago, and its in desperate need of replacement - it kind of stinks... 
Urban Outfitters do the cutest photo frames, I have loads of pictures I want to print off but I've nowhere to put them, this would solve all the problems. 
Finally, lush products. A few more massage bars wouldn't go a miss... :)