Florence Anne Fragrance Blackberry and Fig Candle

Theres nothing I love quite as much as sitting in my room all cosy with a nice candle light in the corner. So when I gave these candles a sniff I couldn't really leave without one, right? Right... 
 The candle is a really simple and classy looking thing, the lid though could do with a rubber seal or something as it is insanely loose... The packing though is really simple and chic - I'm quite the fan of it. Nice rose gold-y coloured lid, embossed with the brand name, and then just a simple sticker on the front. It looks semi expensive, but obviously isn't (I think it cost about £12, maybe a bit less).
Onto the scent now then, its actually really pleasant and refreshing. Nothing too strong, so it doesn't overwhelm you, but its not too subtle that you don't notice it at all. It really enjoy the smell of this when its burning, its a really nice soft fruity scent. They've got a few different scents so if this doesn't tickle your fancy there are others to pick from. These would also make a prefect gift for someone, if you maybe just wanted to get an extra little something, or if you have a secret Santa to buy for. 

What kind of candles and scents do you like?