Gift Ideas - Mens guide

Men are probably the hardest to buy for. They're harder to get information from than your stubborn mum who says "I don't want anything save your money." The typical male presents cant get dull and boring - and quite frankly giving a guy a gift card to buy what they want seems a bit like you don't really know them all that well. 
This year for Christmas I went completely over board in buying presents for my boyfriend and brother, I spent waaaay more on both than is probably acceptable. 
I'm the kind of person that pays too much attention to what people say they like and want throughout the year - so tend to buy pretty good presents. My brother always loves shaving and facial care kits - so every year gets one of them, Ted Baker and Champneys do really good ones to fit any budget. He also loves the Black Cherry Yankee Candle so that got popped in too. 
With the boyfriend though, I've gone for a completely different approach. Batman and American football have taken up a big part of his presents. He loves American football so I've got him a fair few things from his team. Belts and wallets are also making an appearance for his Christmas. I would seriously recommend taking a walk through TK Maxx and House of Frasers they have sooo many good things for men! 
Fragrance is usually something I wouldn't recommend getting anyone for Christmas unless you know 100% that they like the scent in mind. However, little fragrance sets make such an ideal gift. The Penhaligon's London Gentlemen's Fragrance Collection* would make an absolute ideal gift. It contains 4 little 5ml travel sized fragrances, so the lucky guy (be it brother, boyfriend, male friend or father) is bound to like at least one of them, and y'know you/ they could then gift on the ones they're not overly fond of. 
 Not only does the packaging look super elegant and expensive, the bottles look super cool (maybe not the type of bottle a man would appreciate quite as much though?) This set retails for £30, but is currently on the House of Frasers webpage for £27 (find it here). I got my brother and boyfriend to blind sniff these and funnily enough they both like the completely opposite ones to the other. Scott (the brother) likes the Sartorial and the Endtmion ones, whereas Craig likes the Quercus and the Blenheim Bouquet ones. Goodie for me, two tiny gifts for each of them! 
Fragrance sets like this one make such an ideal present and will help you move away from the standard, usual and boring presents that people usually give their male friends. Really look into their interests, listen to things they say they want (and hope they don't buy said gift in the mean time). I'd highly recommend this set, the smells are actually really nice and I'd even wear a few of them myself. 

What are you getting the guys in your life this year?