Lush haul

It's been awhile since Id even stepped in a lush store let alone bought anything. The other day though I went in, and let's just say I went a little mad. 
I bought a fair few things I'd never tried, and some Id never seen before - so expect reviews on them! 
I'll start off with the items that are from the Christmas section... So, one of the Christmas items I got was the Dashing Santa bath bomb. This little cute, I think is brand new to this years collection. It smells really fresh and sweet, and I think it smells like sherbet and smells fairly zesty - so a huge plus for me! I'm quite excited to give this one a try and see how it leaves the bath, I'm very picky with how my baths feel on my skin. Weird I know. 
I also got Butterbear, I'm pretty sure this is part of the Christmas section. Butterbear is another of their bath bombs and looks like a little polar bear. Super cute. It doesn't have a strong scent, which can be great when you just want a chilled out silky bath - maybe this will be that bath bomb? The girl in the store said this one is a really moisturising bomb, so I'll see how my skin feels after this, I'm a bit worried the bath might be really oily though... 
The Christmas Penguin is one I genuinely had about 6 of last year. This ones a bubble bar - I adore lush's bubble bars, they're one of my favourite things. The scent of this is something I struggle with a little bit, its slightly florally and zesty, but nothing too over powering. The cute penguin design of this will always draw me back in, and I love how this feels in the bath. Bring me the bubbles!
The final Christmas product I bought was the Snowman Shower Jelly - I loved Whoosh, so obvs needed to get this as soon as I smelt it! The scent is a kind of mix of zest and blackcurrants - I wouldn't say it was entirely blackcurrant though. This jelly doesn't have any glitter in it as far as I can see, which I am really happy about as I wasn't too fond of Sweetie Pie because of all the glitter... 
I also bought myself another Mask of Magnamity, I've converted a fair few of my friends to this. It does such an amazing job of clearing up spots - especially those on the back and chest! I'll never be without this now. 
Another repurchase is the Volcano foot mask, I loved using this when I bought it months ago but this is just such a tricky product to come across - it never seems to be in stock, its that good! Bye bye horrible feet, hello beautiful toes. 
Lemony Flutter must be a new product because I have never seen this before, and boy oh boy does it smell delicious! I adore lemon scented things and this is no exception. This cuticle butter, is really oily so does an amazing job of softening and soothing the cuticles, my mums a fan, I'm a fan, basically its love. 

Speaking of love... I actually bought 3 massage bars but left one at my boyfriends. The one I l left at his is Each Peach, which surprisingly smells more zesty than peachy... But he loves this one, I love how relaxing they are. I do think we use a bit too much of them when we use it as it snapped in half the other day after only about 4 uses... The other ones I got are Strawberry Feels - smells just like strawberry jam, yummy - and Tender is the Night, this one has a quite a vanilla-y smell to it, but nothing over powering and there is another scent hidden in there somewhere. Sorry I didn't get pictures of these out their packets, they just melt as soon as you touch them.
 My all time fave bath bomb right here. Its a simple little creature - much like myself - blackberry scented, purple bath giving , little fizzer. Need I say more? 
Dragons Egg is another of those bath bombs that I just need to have in my stache at all times. Its zesty scent is just a dream. And then ofc, the little coloured discs that float about in your bath. Yay for the Dragons Egg. 

Have you bought anything nice from Lush recently? What are you're must have lush items?