Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!
Has this been out for ages? Cause it seems like it has been, or has it just been re-branded? I'm stumped. But awhile ago I bought this, and I'm actually really pleased that I did. The Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid is an amazing foundation, full coverage, yet light weight, prefect for daily wear. 
I really like the packaging of this, the glass bottle makes this feel a lot more expensive than it actually is. The foundation itself isn't overly runny, so it makes it really easy to apply, but despite it being quite thick it doesn't feel thick or heavy. Its a really good medium to full coverage foundation (easily built up to the desired coverage), I find this makes it really easy to cover up redness and blemishes. My skins really quite oily, but I find that it lasts really well on my skin. I'd say a good solid 8 or so hours before it even begins to slip away from my skin. 
Its more than easy to blend in, and looks amazing on the skin. The finish you get from this is somewhere between a matte and dewy finish, you just look like you have nice glow-y skin. This is the first foundation like this I've tired - I'm usually more of a matte finish person, especially since my skin is so oily naturally - don't tend to want to look shiny. 
The shade I have is 04 Light Porcelain, it was the lightest shade I could find at the time, and if I'm being honest its a tiny bit to dark for me, but I am able to work around it. Just need to really work it in, not too much of a hassle. 

I'm in the market for a new foundation though - what are your recommendations?