Maybelline Newness

The other day, whilst perusing boots, I found myself wandering with a few different Maybelline bits in hand. These aren't all brand new products - one definitely is - but there new in my collection so I thought I'd share what I bought. 
First up is two new Color Tattoos, I bought the shades Vintage Plum and Everlasting Navy. Everlasting Navy really isn't a me shade, but it just looked too pretty to leave behind. This colour might be ideal as like an accent colour, maybe add a little colour under my eye or something like that?
Vintage Plum is much more a grey toned purple than it is an actual purple. I think it actually looks a wee bit brown-y?  Just me? 
I hadn't tried nor seen much about the Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Crayon. This is a colour unlike any other I've tried. I totally wasn't expecting it to look how it does on the lips. I thought it was going to be more of a pinky/purple toned nude, but no! Its much more of a purple colour. I'm smitten with it! Smitten I say!!!! 
If you have yet to try these then I'd honestly recommend you pick one up and give them a wee try. 

Have you bought anything recently?