November Favourites

I was trying to think of things that I've been loving this month, and at first I really wasn't sure. But I've come up with a few things that this month I've been absolutely adoring. Without further warbling and rabbeting, lets see what I've been loving. 
The colder weather has done a number on my skin, with my lips taking the worst of the cold. They feel permanently sore and tight, every year they do this as soon as the weather gets colder. These two products I've found really help my lips feel nicer, look nicer and sting less. First up is my trusty, Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm. I got this last year for my birthday in August, I use it every day at least once a day (two or three times a day in the winter months) and its only just beginning to look like it might be running out soon. I doubt I'll need to buy a new one this side of the new year though. I put a really decent and thick amount of this on my lips and just under them, because this is such a luxe product it takes a wee while to sink in fully, it really does wonders for your lips. Its kind of like a mini treatment for the lips. Once that lip balm begins to wear off, I move on to the more travel friendly of the two - I say this because this is in a tube, where as the Nuxe one is a glass jar. The Lucas Pawpaw Ointment (which I now can't find anywhere!) is a wonderful multi use product, I really only use it on my lips - more so when they are overly chapped or sore, like how they are now. I take this almost everywhere with me, and it doesn't need reapplied overly often - major plus. It goes on really easily and just like with the Nuxe one, you can feel it on your lips for some time after applying it. 
Another product I've been loving using is the Micropedi, I got mine when it was on star gift - so its one of the Nails Inc ones. I tend to use this a couple of times a week and moisturise my feet really well. It really doesn't take long to see results with this, within a few days of using it you can really see and feel a difference in your feet. I tend to have quite hard skin on my feet, and this really sorts this out for me. I was so sceptical about this, but I'm so glad I bought it - I'm a bit annoyed I didn't buy one earlier. 
Another item I've been loving recently is this super soft (and huge!) scarf from New Look. I got it before fireworks night, its black white and pink tartan. Its just the absolute softest and cosiest thing ever, for £14.99 I couldn't really say no - could I? 

A few make-up items now to finish off my favourites for this month. Benefit's Fine One One has been an absolute staple for me this month. Every time I've slapped some make-up on my face this has gone on. Swipe swipe blend blend. Done. It just gives the nicest flush of colour, utterly perfect for me. 

Next, is the new Maybelline liner. Its a dupe for the Benefit one, but I actually prefer it to the Benefit one - I've found recently that the Benefit one flakes and the colour comes away - boo! Also its a fraction of the cost, so if its not for you, then you haven't spent all your hard earned pennies. 
It's that time of the year again girls, MAC Rebel has become a staple in my make-up routine. Cold weather comes, and along with it comes dark lips. This dark pink/ purple is beautiful and I couldn't ask for more from a lipstick. I fall in love with it a little more each time I wear it.