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If I'm being honest life has been beyond crap for me in recent weeks. Failing exams, family issues, friend issues, relationships ending. Its really been a kick Sarah while shes down kind of month. And I've decided I need a good pick me up! So I'm going to make a few wishlists, I'm going to buy some things on them and I'm going to have a can do attitude, cause after all why should anything else be in control of my happiness apart from me? Exactly, the only one that controls how I feel is me. So sorry outside world, you're done kicking me. I'm getting up, brushing myself off and giving you the finger. I'm working hard in work and staying on top of my university work, so I deserve a wee treat. (and maybe deserve winning the euromillions?) 
I will eventually buy everything on this list - mark my words! The skincare bits will probably be the first to be bought - since my skin care stache is looking a bit worse for wear. The clothing things will probably be bought fairly soon too - tell me what you think of the multicoloured play suit, I saw it in Zara the other day and fell in love with it! A new bag is definitely in need, and as much as I'd love a Michael Kors bag I'm pretty certain I won't ever be able to justify the cost of it. 
What kind of things have you been lusting after? 

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