Everyday Make-up

Until recently I very rarely wore makeup everyday, and it was even rarer that I stuck to the same products daily. Something changed recently though, and along with wearing makeup almost everyday - I now wear the same few products daily! 
To start off my face I always use a few sprays of the Urban Decay Deslick setting spray, followed by my Smashbox primer. I just find that between the two of these my makeup lasts longer and looks so much better when it's applied. 
I think with my foundations recently I've been focusing on one at a time to try and use them all up, and the one that I've been abusing recently is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation. I do really love this foundation. It works well with my oily skin, any dry patches though it really seems to hate! It's an alright coverage but it is build able and can be made up to a light medium coverage - concealer easily hides anything else I want to cover up. Healthy mix lasts a fairly long time as well on the skin. I could put it on first thing in the morning and maybe only need a slight touch up by late evening ( say around 7/8).
The concealer I've got into the habit of using is the Maybelline Fit Me concealer - my dog recently got at it and burst a whole in the bottom of it - tragic. I got this in a swap box awhile back and I love it! It's got really good coverage, covers all redness easily, hides spots and banishes dark eyes! I'm plagued currently with looking constantly tired and the Fit Me concealer just brightens everything up and makes me look 1000x better. 
Sticking with the face, I've got into the habit again of bronzing up my face a wee bit - by that I do a tiny bit of contouring to make my cubby round face look a bit now shapely. The one I've fallen back in love with, after a short affair with one from Bourjois, is my trusty NARS Laguna. Ah, how I've missed you, it's just the perfect shade and I think the new brush I've been using recently has made the application of it so much better! Blog post will be coming soon on the new brushes! 
For the eyes I've been very minimal, only adding liner or shadows on days where I have more time to play about. But the mascara I've been reaching for recently is the new (is it new?) Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara. I don't know what it is about this mascara but I've gone gaga for it, it just makes my lashes look so black, long and thick. Basically everything I could want from a mascara. It might be love. 
Brow wise, I've been sticking to the always trusty and reliable Benefit Gimmie Brow, I think I'm running a bit low on this now, but I'll be sure to buy a new one. It's just the easiest and simplest way to give your brows that little bit extra - you really can't go wrong with this.  
The last part of my daily makeup would be some kind of lip product, but depending on the day or how I'm feeling would entirely determine what lipstick I wear. A few I've been getting a lot of use out of recently are: MAC Rebel; Too Faced Melted Ruby; and my trusty old Revlon lip crayon. 
What have you been reaching for?