Lush Mask Of Magnanimity | Review

I'm on my third tub of this and have convinced many a friend to buy this, so I know its good. Good not only for me but for other people too! I tend to use this mostly on my back and chest - as I get a fair few spots there every so often, and if I have some particularly angry facial spots I'll apply a little on them too.  
I've tried a fair few skin care products from Lush, and I've got so much love for all the face masks I've tried in the past - so it was only natural that I picked this one up. 
This mask is super beneficial, and is packed full of beneficial ingredients. Ingredients such as: Kaolin Clay for oil absorption and deep cleansing; Peppermint Oil to cool and refresh the skin; Honey to moisturise and Aduki Beans to give a gentle exfoliation and to renew the skin. The mask is made up of 14 ingredients, all bar one are 100% natural. And of course, they are completely ethical as they don't test on animals. 
The mask is an incredible green colour with little bits of brown/black bits (probably the beans). It also smells incredible, the peppermint oil is very noticeable in the scent of it - along with peppermint there is another scent I can smell but I can't quite put my finger on what it is. It smells yummy though.   
When this dries on your face, it doesn't go overly tight or feel uncomfortable on the skin. I do think though that it feels a bit odd on your face the first time you use it - I think it could be down to the peppermint oil, as it feels really cool on the skin. 
After the first use, I noticed a visible difference in my skin - especially the ones on my back. The back spots basically disappeared over night - and I'm not the only one that's thought that! Facial spots are so much less angry the day after using this. 
I'd highly recommend this if you suffer from spots, I think you can basically use this with any skin type, be you dry or oily. The smaller 125g tub costs £5.95 and the larger 315g tub costs £9.75. But it is well worth every penny you pay -  I'm about to move onto my fourth tub! I really can't recommend you try this enough.