Lush Sales Haul

This post is long overdue, but so many things have got in the way and I've been in no mood to do anything at all other than vegetate in my room. But here I am, back and with a Lush Haul. This haul is basically just everything I bought during the Christmas sales in Lush - the whole haul cost about £22, so really should have cost more in the region of £44. Crazy! 
I picked up with Christmas Candy gift set, it contains 4 of their lovely products - Snow Fairy, Candy Mountain, Rock Star Soap and Butter bear, I love butter bear. 
I don't know why I bought this. The Limited Edition Fun, when will I actually use this? I don't know, it just smelt nice - like caramel. So naturally I couldn't leave it behind. 
One can never have too much Snow Fairy, can they? Ofc not! I really should have bought another bottle though... 
Dashing Santa, I think is new for 2014? But I love him, I've already tried him prior to this, so I know for a fact that I love him. 
I can't remember the name of this, but its a massage bar, and it smells like Snow Fairy and was next to the checkout. So yeaaaah... 
 Father Christmas - now this is one cool dude. He is a big cool green dude inside - it leaves for a funny bath. 
I can't quite remember if I liked this or not from last year... He smells like cola cubes and is a bath melt - I love their melts so hopefully I love this one.