Yankee Candle Collection | Tea Lights, Votive's and Tarts

For Christmas this year I got given a fair few Yankee Candles and then bought myself so many more in the sales - I have a real problem. I now have more candles than I know what to do with (especially since I have 3 large jars and a small jar already sitting in my room...)
So what better thing to do with them than write a blog post about them to share my slight obsession with them. 

The tea lights were on offer, I can't remember exactly for how much but I know they were £5 of less. I bought 3 different packs of 12, Candy Cane Lane (a lovely peppermint scent); Christmas Cookie (smells just like cookies...) and Snowflake Cookie (similar scent, just not as strong as the Christmas Cookie one). My house is going to smell like Christmas well into 2016.
One of the gift sets that the Yankee shop had on offer was a tart one, I gave a couple of the ones in the set to my mum, but I think it cost about £5 for the whole set. The tart burner was about £8, plain and simple looking just how I like things. 
All the votive's were given as presents to me. I have 8 in total: Season of Peace; Snow In Love; Christmas Eve;Strawberry Buttercream; Red Apple Wreath; Christmas Cookie; Cranberry Ice and finally Merry Berry. 
I love Yankee Candles, as you can see by the crazy amount of candles I have from them.. I have what looks to now be a lifetime supply of candles. Might have to start giving them out to people - cause boy oh boy this is an excessive amount of candles for one person to own.