Degustabox | First Impressions

My friend has for the past few months raved about how amazing these Degustaboxes are - and this month I decided to go ahead and order myself one. This box, because of a discount code cost approx £10, full price they're approx £15. 
I was fairly excited when I got home to this waiting for me. I'm a massive food lover so this was one of the coolest things. 
The first thing I noticed in the box was Crabbies alcoholic ginger beers, I actually really like these so was really happy to have two in this box in flavours I hadn't tried! 
Next up is packets of Baked Bread Bites that are bacon flavoured - I'm hoping these taste like frazzlers. 
The box also had two packets of Lindt mini eggs - I will most certainly be devouring these! 
My brother is most certainly benefiting from this - I hate, and I mean hate BBQ sauce - even the smell is horrid. But Scott snapped it up right away, so he's in heaven. 
I love granola - its often not the best thing for you though. So its good to see this is slightly better for you than the standard. 

I'm probably just going to hand this Chilli Con Carne kit to my mum and see what she decides to do with it cause frankly it doesn't tickle my fancy.
 These will also probably be going to my mum, I don't drink tea or coffee so I've no reason to add sugar to anything. 
Needs much be said about how much I'm going to enjoy inhaling eating these? 

Have you had a Degustabox before? Would you get one in the future? 

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