Barkbeats Doggy Treat Box | March Box

I love my dog lots - and always buy her treats and such like. I wanted to spoil her even more this month since we lost our older dog last month, wee treats to cheer her up were needed. I'm so impressed with these boxes that I'm just going to continue getting them! My brother describes the boxes as being like a loot crate for dogs - pretty accurate I think! My dog really loves the contents of the boxes, so lets see what's inside... 

Busy Buddy Waggle 

This is quite a clever wee toy, you can stuff it full of treats to keep your pooch entertained for hours, its rubbery and fairly bouncy too. My wee Daisy just loves carrying it around with her, as soon as I had opened the box she had her head in it and was trying to take it out. 

Barks and Sparks Brownie 

This lovely little dog brownie that made from liver, carob, olive oil, yoghurt and other yummy (at least for dogs) ingredients. When I opened this up I didn't notice it smelling overly bad, just fairly meaty... Daisy loved it though and took a chunk away with her and munched it instantly. She still has loads left of hers, and since shes small I think it will last her a fairly long time! 

HovHov Natural Cookies

Treats Treats Treats! These little cookies are turkey, liver and basil flavoured, and Daisy loves them! They come in different shapes, so far I've seen them be bone shaped and dog shaped.

Trixie Roller Pop 

This is by far Daisy's favourite thing in the box, she tried to carry it off with her and instead of licking it, she had a wee nibble on the end of it. We planned on using this for training her more, but she gets too excited after the first few tricks and all she wants to do is have a wee lick of it. 

Arquizoo Wipes 

This was the final thing in the box and I'm quite glad for them. Daisy needs her eyes cleaned daily cause otherwise they just get really gunky. I used one on her the day we got them and they worked a treat, easily removing the yucky stuff from her eyes. They also smell really nice - fairly minty so thats always a plus! 

These boxes are incredibly good value, £14.90 full price but there are always discount codes going round for them. 

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