Best Foundation Ever? | L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation Review

I've scheduled so many posts recently meaning I've not actually written a post in ages! Scheduled posts are in short supply now though and my love for this foundation is going strong! 
The foundation is in a plastic squeeze-y tube, different and I find better than the standard glass bottles that are usually used. The packaging is plain and simple, I don't think you could buy a foundation because of packaging - it's jut one of those things that always seems to have really plain bottles/tubes... 
It says it gives a medium coverage and I really think it does, you could easily build it up as well to get a much fuller coverage but I've been finding recently with this I'm not wanting nor needing a full coverage. The coverage it gives me is just perfect for me! 
Despite it being a matte finish, I don't find the finish to be overly flat like some mattes can be. I'm not sure if its how oily my skin is or if it is a slightly dewy finish but I'm really loving this foundation's finish. 
In fact I love everything about this foundation, from the coverage to the finish to how long it lasts. A lot of the time I tend to find that my foundations slip off my face, but not with this! It lasts a really good while, who knows if it lasts the 24 hours it says it does, cause really - who wears their foundation for that long?! I could put this on in the morning though, and still have it looking fairly good by well after dinner time.
When I use this I feel the need to use concealer is dramatically reduced, tending to only really wanting to use concealer every so often on my under eyes when I've had very little sleep.
For £7.99 I don't really think you can go wrong, and if your wanting it be be even more perfect why not try their new matte primer along with it? 

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