Boots Haul | Stila and L'Oreal

I feel like all I've done recently is buy things I know I don't need - oh well, makes for a blog post anyway... I went into Boots for one thing and naturally left with a few more things than intended. 
 These were completely unnecessarily bought - I basically saw then on an isle end saw the word new next to it and the beauty junkie in me went mad and told me to buy it. I don't regret buying them though, because I've used them a fair few times I can say for sure they are pretty good. The foundation is a fairly good coverage for daily wear - but a full review will come later.  
Recently my skin has been unbelievably uneven and red, so I've been on the hunt to try find products to counteract the redness or to cover it. Hence buying this, the Stila One Step. Its not the cheapest thing - I think it cost around £24, but if it does the job then it'll be worth it. 

Have you bought anything new recently? What make-up do you love? 

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