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 I was in the mood for buying something new and to be honest with you I went with the Illamasqua Skin Base foundation in mind, but alas I ended up getting two things that I didn't have in mind! 
The new Precision Brow Gel is something that I've seen popping up on blogs recently, I figured its probably pretty similar to the Anastasia one - but with this I can get matched to a colour before I buy. When the make-up artist applied this to my brows I fell in love instantly, so naturally it came home with me. The one I have is in the colour Strike, they cost £18.50 - so a little more than the Anastasia ones but at least you know what colour to get... 
I also got the Loose Powder, £24, no idea why I decided to buy this. I think I basically bought this in hope that it could help my make-up last a little longer and that it would make it maybe look a bit better... Heres hoping it does that, cause if not I've just wasted a fair sum of money... 
What products do you love from Illamasqua? 

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