Life Style | 21 Things Before I Turn 21

I'm the type of person that without goals and things to look forward to I get bored incredibly easily. I'll also not the type of person to do much unless I have a goal in mind, so with that in mind I thought I'd do a wee bucket list type thing. I decided to do a 21 Things before I turn 21 bucket list thing... I turn 21 in just over a year - August 21st of 2016 to be exact! I'll update them as I go along but for now lets see whats made the cut! 

1. Go on a holiday abroad
2. Learn to ride horses 
3. Learn to drive
4. Visit 5 new places
5. Say yes to 10 things I wouldn't normally say yes to 
6. Run a 5k
7. Play Bingo 
8. Bet money - online/ in a casino
9. Become healthier
10. Visit London
11. Go on a hot air balloon 
12. Go zorbing 
13. Go camping 
14. Visit 5 new places - abroad or in the UK 
15. Carrying on from this - Visit Ireland! 
16. Get my first tattoo 
17. Go to 5 gigs
18. Move out
19. Go snorkelling 
20. Swim with Dolphins 
21. Be happy with myself! 

A lot of these will all tie in together but I suppose that makes it quite fun! My dad and his wife basically promised me for my 21st they'll take me somewhere that I can swim with dolphins so that'll be getting ticked off then! 
I'll update this as I go but this should be really fun! 

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