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 Recently I've been dying to travel and be more outward - I'm a very closed off person and tend not to go out very much or travel very far, I like the familiar and shy away from the unknown. But recently I've had a screw this attitude, and I really want to travel and see more of the world. I've been out the country once in my whole life - I went to Paris with my school and spent like a day there, I don't remember much from it because it was so long ago and I was so tired. I've no pictures from my time there and that's a little upsetting - I'd love to go back one day but I think it would have to be a solo venture. I decided on getting this Luckies of London Travelouge, after seeing it on Amazon - it cost approx. £13. 
 Inside the Travelouge is a journal, there's loads of space inside it for planning of holidays ect and pages for the writing of what happened while you were away. 
 The other side of the Travelouge is this section, you can write where you've been and when you visited each place. In a little flap section, there's these scratch off cards for Europe, Asia, America ect. 

The scratch off cards are first plain gold and white, but when they scratch off they change to colours. This is a really cute idea, my mum said its really cool since you now don't get stamps in your passport unless you ask them to do it - and trust me I'll be asking them. 
Luckies of London sell lots of other things like this - a world map (I'll be having you) and a map of the UK (I've got you already). I'll do a wee post on my UK and Ireland map shortly, these are maybe the coolest things I've ever seen. 
Would you use something like this to document your holidays? 

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