Bark Beats Box | April Box

This might be my last BarkBeats box for a little while - funds are running short and this is just one of those things I don't need to get every month. This is a pretty good box though - and I feel bad that my wee dog wont be getting her monthly treat box.
Alpha Spirit Half Ham Bone

This looks to be her absolute favourite thing so far, shes basically not let go of it since we opened it! Its essentially just a massive bit of ham on the bone - as I type shes going mad at it - it does smell a wee bit though, but if she likes it then y'know she can go at it and enjoy it. 
Barks And Sparks Bones

 Barks and Sparks had a brownie bite in the last box I got and Daisy loved it! This months box contained two bones. The bones are made from Apple, Carrot, Olive Oil and whole wheat flour with a yoghurty covering. I'm sure she'll love these and if not I know lots of other doggies that will more than happily munch these!
 Balloon Animals Squeaky Soft Toys
Daisy loves soft squeaky toys, its odd how much she loves them! This one looks like a dinosaur or something similar, it seems quite sturdy so hopefully Daisy wont destroy it that quickly.
 3 in 1 Lamb Meat Treats for Sensitive Dogs
Daisy certainly isn't a sensitive dog but a healthier treat option never did any dog harm. Shes put on a wee bit of weight recently with us trying to re-enforce her training, so maybe using these instead would be a better option for her.  
Mad About Pets! Rubber Ball

If theses one thing Daisy loves more than anything its a ball - if your out for a walk with her she 100% will scream at you till you throw the ball for her. She has an awful habit though of ripping a ball to pieces - this one is rubber though so good luck with that! I'll need to be careful when I throw this though cause if it hit her it could leave a nasty bump... 

What do you think of the BarkBeats boxes? 

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