Degustabox | April International Box

This is only my second Degustabox, and I'm still so pleased with them! Last month was definitely better in my opinion but this one was still really good! It was just much more about meals rather than snacks and stuff - the box had the theme of International, my brother pointed out that everything in the box was from different countries and that was quite cool! 
 My brother got really excited when he saw these, I'm not sure if I'll like them - i'm just a bit fussy, but he'll wolf these down! 
 I love rice, and mushroom rice is one of my favourites! The Peri Peri one doesn't appeal to me, but I'm just not a massive fan of spices and stuff.
 Again, another item my brother will be all over - him and my mum! This box is turning out to be my mums and brothers best pal! 
If you could have seen my face when I saw that I'd been given tomatoes you'd have cried with laughter! I was just so confused - Shirley (mum) you'll be having these to make something nice with...
Bloody hell, these cookies are amazing! Only four in a box, but they are heavenly - inside them they have a chocolate spread type centre, absolute bliss! They packaging is super cute as well but since they sell for £2 its not really reasonable to buy them all the time...
Oh my days - these were absolute heaven. I preferred the bon bon ones but the cereal bites ones were just as nice! I'll definitely be trying to buy these from the shops soon! 
I am really not a fan of these - no one in my house is actually. I think they taste a bit like coffee revels - ew. 
This one was actually a lot nicer tasting than the last one I tried, sweet but hard to actually place what the taste is. 
Again, another thing my mum will be taking off my hands to make meals with, she loves chicken korma - I'm not a huge fan though! 
This box is basically for my brother - I don't like beer so he can have this. I'll try it but I'm not thinking I'll be liking it.. 

I really liked this box, what do you think? 

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