Invisibobble Review | The Best Hair Tie You'll Ever Own (Seriously)

I am obsessed with Invisibobbles - like seriously. I've bought about 4 packs and have given a fair few of my friends one to fall in love with. I have one in every bag I own, along with one on my bed side cabinet and one in my bathroom! I'm a wee bit too in love with them I think... 
These plastic hair ties are something most would overlook but next time you're in need of new hair ties, make sure and give them a look - you won't regret it. Heres why.
These bobbles hold you hair tightly - and although you may think they would rip shreds out of your hair, they really don't! They are so gentle on your hair, never pulling your hair out! Massive plus to these is that they also don't leave that big kink in your hair, every night I go to bed with my hair up and every morning I can take the bobble out and their won't be a single kink in my hair! Absolute magic. 
The bobbles do stretch, most of the time they'll shrink back on their own but if they don't you can always place them in hot water and they'll shrink back down in seconds. 
Have you fallen in love with Invisibobbles yet? If not why not? 

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