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I don't think I've ever done a room tour or even really done a post showing off sections of my room. I thought today though I'd do just that, I'm really happy with these shelves and the way they look in my room.
 I didn't really know how to show this side off, its fairly close to my window and theres the canvas and the photo reel. Any way the two black corner shelves on this side of my room I've used to hold my cameras and other wee things. 
So the top one has my Polaroid 600 Land camera on it - I recently got new film for it but because its so expensive I'm kind of terrified to use it. 
The shelf under it is where I usually store my Canon 600D, it wasn't there in the picture for obvious reasons - next to it sits my adorable little Stay Puft Funko. Also hidden in the back I've got my Black Cherry Yankee Candle - its my absolute favourite smell. 
The right side is maybe my favourite side, its right above my bed and seems the cutest. 
The top of this sides shelf has my little Urban Outfitters candle holder along with my only other Funko - this ones a little Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast - he's just adorable! 
The bottom shelf on this one houses a couple of books I'm wanting to read soon or have already started. The one I'm reading at the moment is looking for Alaska - I'm about half way through it. After that I'm wanting to read Inside Number One Two Nine. Along with the books this holds a little sparkly deer and a bulb shaped tealight holder or terranium - what one it is depends on what your wanting it to do. 

What little details in your rooms do you really like? 

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