May Empties | Products I've Used Up

I honestly thought that I had used up more products than I actually have - like I've used a lot of products up but considering its been literally months since the last empties I posted, I honestly thought more products would have come from this. 
I have a few hair care bits so I'll start with them. I've used up not one but two of the Marrakesh 10 Wishes hair oil, my mum and I both use this and we both swear by it. It helps to protect the hair, whilst reducing knots and reducing drying time - so many plus points to this! I get this from my hair dressers so I'm not entirely certain where you can get this from. The bottle changes for this each time I go to buy it - every month they genuinely change the design. 
I've also used a few cans of dry shampoos, one being the Dove one. It was actually quite a good dry shampoo, one of the better cheaper non batiste ones. I might buy another one, might not,who knows the worlds my oyster. I've got a couple of other ones to use up before I think about getting another one. I also used up a Herbal Essences dry shampoo, I really wasn't a fan of this one - it just seemed kinda wet for a dry shampoo... Odd but yeah that's what I thought. The final can I used up was the Batiste Tropical scented one. Batiste is always great - they have so many different scents so there is something for everyone.  
Skin care has three items in it, one mini sized and one full sized and a pack of face wipes. One of the skin care bits I've used is from the Body Shop - I got it in a little set and I have to say from what I saw with it I'm fairly impressed! The item in question is the Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash. My skin seemed really clear while using it, no nasty break outs and helped to keep my horrid shiny face at bay - so all you oily skinned folk out there this might be something to try! 
The other skin item that I've used up is a Yes To Tomatoes facial wash. Now I really wasn't overly keen on this. Like it didn't break me out or anything, it did the job of a first cleanse or for a quick wash in the morning, but I just found the tube ran out so quickly. And for the price I was a little disappointed in how long it lasted. I'd have rather paid a little more and got another Origins face wash and have it last longer... 
The final skin care item is the Garnier facial wipes. Pretty certain I only used these when staying at other peoples houses or for my cousin if she was to stay at mine. Facial wipes aren't something I buy often, usually just buying them on a whim. 
I've also used up a Lush Snow Fairy, I think this might actually be the one I got at Christmas last year... But I've got another couple of bottles in my collection for me to use later - the scent is amazing, and its definitely my favourite thing to buy at Christmas time. 
I've also used up a bottle of the wonderful Aussie Fresh Mate Body Wash. These body washes last a life time, not quite but they do last an awful long time - making the price you pay a little more worth it. I have another one of the Aussie body washes in my shower and I would most definitely buy another one!
The last non make up things I have used up is one of the Avon Sleep Serenity pillow sprays. I used to use this religiously - every night before bed I'd spray this every where, but recently I've just not cared. I've become a much better sleeper so not had the need for these any more - wait for it now though I'll become a horrid sleeper again. Another of those items is a Hello mouthwash - these are really nice, both in taste; smell; and the way they treat your mouth! I've another of these in my bathroom, and if they were on offer or I had no other mouthwashes I'd definitely buy another of these. 
Final non make-up thing that I've used up recently is Frank body scrub. This has such a strong coffee scent, and is really highly moisturising. It leaves your skin really really soft - I've not bought another but I think I definitely will in time for my holiday in August.
I've used up two make-up things this month, both eye products. My much loved and adored YSL Babydoll mascara finally gave out after about a year going strong. It just finally started going that horrible dry and flaky way - not good. I've not bought another one yet but I think sometime in the future I will. 
Another make-up bit I've used up is my Smashbox eye primer, I don't know what to say about this other than its an eye primer. I'd rather pay the money though to get another of the Urban Decay ones over this - I just think they're more worth the money.
Next empties post will come not long after this one I dont think - so many products are near the end of their lives. 

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