Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara | Review

I'm really quite fussy with mascaras, really only loving a handful of them. When I find one I love I don't let go until I'm basically scraping it from the edges. Maybelline's newest - is it their newest? - mascara is my new love. 
I looks the same as any other Maybelline mascara does, the packaging is the same shape but the wand is different from the others - I think the wand is maybe the only thing that changes with these... 
The wand is a sturdy rubbery wand, that's slightly curved with both long and short bristles  - so it really gets in there grabbing all the lashes! 
I've found that with this mascara I only need one coat - it gives a really nice dark, thick and long looking lash. Everything I want and more from a mascara! 

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