Red carpet worthy look for guys

Fashion isn't something I usually post about, so men's fashion is literally unheard of for me - but I'm thinking I'd rather style a guy than style myself, I'm useless with girls fashion but have a small ability to work out guys fashion.
Quite frankly I don't think there's anything nicer for guys than when they have a shirt and tie on, the whole smart look is extremely attractive (don't you think?).
My lovely boyfriend agreed to let me take pictures of him for this post, my brother was just not having me post pictures of his face, so congrats to Connor for being cool enough to do this for me.
Please ignore his smile, its usually a lot less awkward looking than this... 
Connors all grown up and recently has been going on lots of interviews so looking hella smart is what he's been going for, proper suited up. I let him take control of the shirt he picked - couldn't really force him into one he would hate... Or could I? Nah, couldn't do that to the poor boy. The one he eventually picked out after much debating was this lovely little Ralph Lauren number. It's a really nice shirt tbh, but I'm really not a massive brand fan like he is, he's a little bit brand mad. But any way I'm going off topic.
The shirt looks really smart on, and if you are lucky enough to be off to the Baftas tonight then lucky you and have fun looking like a celebrity all dressed up and looking snazzy. The House of Frasers are doing a little coverage of it so if you want to keep up to date withh whats going on you can do so here.
The shirt Connor's wearing is this lovely one*, it actually does look and feel really nice on (yes I just said feel...), so it kinda makes it worth the price your paying for it. Paired with a nice pair of black trousers you can make this smart casual or you could go all out and pair it up with a tie and suit jacket. You could probably even get away with wearing it with a really nice pair of jeans - but I think they would have to be a really nice dark wash (almost black) pair... 
House of Frasers have a huge selection of shirts from lots of brands, you can find them all here, seems to be too much choice! Personally I think if your looking for shirts for work, a formal event or just a classic one to add to your wardrobe House of Frasers is definitely somewhere to look first!
Red carpet looks for women are often really impossible to recreate but men have it pretty easy, they could easily copy the looks of male celebrities. Personally, the last few years I think Bradley Cooper; Eddie Redmayne and Chris Pratt have rocked the red carpets. Boys you should aspire to be them, they look fiiiiiine. 

Who are you looking forward to see the outfits of at this years Baftas? 

Items marked with an '*' have been sent to me

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