Hand Bag Must Have | Contact Lens Eye Drops

Recently I've been ditching the specs and opting more for my contact lenses - the only issue with doing this is my eyes get really irritated and feel incredibly dry after about 8 hours of wear. To help my get the most use out of my lenses as possible I've decided to buy a couple of different eye drops aimed at those who use contact lenses. 
Since buying the eye drops I've found my lenses last a heck of a lot longer, they feel a lot more comfortable on my eyes and I can get closer to 12 hours out of them. I have two types, the Boots own Contact Lens Eye Drops and the Murine Contacts Refresh and Clean Eye Drops, both of which cost less than £5 and both are just as good as the other. Although the Murine ones do seem to keep the eyes feeling better for slightly longer... With the nice weather that's been showing its face in Glasgow and with me going on a fair few dates with the boyfriend I've been getting loads of use out of them and the drops are so handy for me - I always have them in my bag with me, that way if my eyes are a little tired I can freshen them up instantly and be on my way. They are an absolute must have if you wear contact lenses and I would highly recommend you getting them if you wear lenses. 
What are your hang bag must haves? 

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