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Jellybear is a semi recently opened up sweet shop in Merchant City, Ingram Street to be more exact. It's one of those places that once you see their facebook and the things they sell you instantly want to try them out and all the wonderful things they make. The outside of the building is covered in brown painted palettes, its a really quirky design - and the quirkyness carries on inside.
 Next to where we decided to sit was this very accurate bit of wall art. I love dessert, and as much as I want a lovely body - the call of cake will always be too strong. The chairs were all padded with pink and grey cushioning, and all the table tops and stools/booth seats were brown wood. The booth seats were actually palettes as well - its one of those things you see on pintrest and want to try.

We decided to share a smoothie and a sundae, the smoothie we got was an amazing Blueberry smoothie - it was sooo good! I'm not certain how much it was exactly but I think it might have been about £4. The sundae we bought was absolutely amazing, the one we picked was The Knickerbocker Sundae - whipped cream, raspberries and raspberry sauce, ice cream then more sauce and berries! Both together were more than enough to share between the two of us. Connor was more than happy with what we got, and used the words oh my to describe the taste. His wee face, oh bubba. The sundaes are £6 and for the amount you get its so worth it! 
I'll definitely be taking myself back to Jellybear at some point in the future - yum yum yum. 

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